Let’s chat about camping :-)


I’m so excited! So let me just tell you a little about me. I have loved camping since I was two years old. My parents would bring me and my brothers and sisters. I come from a big family, there’s 5 of us. So camping was like going somewhere private and bringing all of your food and your houses with you. We’d make our very own little village surrounding our campfire. They are my most treasured memories. We would also bring our two dogs, Roka and Gus. My Grammy and Bumpa would come too and they’d also bring their two dogs, Bailey and Molly. So we usually used tents wherever we go. This particular favorite place for us to go was in the North Maine Woods…hours north of the Allagash. My mom and dad would set our tent up first while my Bumpa would make a campfire to toast our hotdogs for dinner. Then my parents would set up their tent and while Grammy and Bumpa would attempt to set theirs up. I say attempt because it was always so funny to listen to them get upset with the other. Bumpa would say, “Dianne, would you just hold your end up, no you’ve dropped yours down” Mom and Dad would hurry on theirs just so they could get Grammy and Bumpa’s finished. Grammy and Bumpa’s tent wasn’t too hard to set up though, because theirs was LL Bean, and they are so easy and self explanatory to set up. I think because it was getting dark and the no see ums were out chewing on us they get frustrated very quickly. It’s still fun to listen to them anyways. So the tents are up and the dogs and us are all sitting around the fire admiring the beautiful stars above us. And the loons on the lake are just another added bonus for our nature music. We are totally free of our electronics and people. In the wild with just us and our dogs. It’s soon bedtime and we floss and brush our teeth in the dark, spitting our toothpaste into the bushes. We’re roughing it mom says, as we use the old privy in the woods along the trail. All five kids slide into their sleeping bags and play with their flashlights, and make silly shadow puppets on the wall, while we listen to Bumpa’s snoring and the loons playing us a tune. Mom and Dad are sleeping in their tent with their two dogs. This is our first night here. See you all in the morning.