Good Morning!

Hi everyone! So in the morning, well lets just say you tend to wake up during the night, a lot. Did you know its light out at 5:30 in the morning on the east coast?? Yeah well lets just say we hear a lot of things through out the night. No we aren’t scared, it just wakes you and makes you think what was that?? Well ever hearĀ  loons? They use those sounds on horror movies so it does get your attention when you’re fast asleep. And then you might hear a fox bark…and then there’s those silly hoot owls. I say silly, they make me feel silly because its like they watch you and then all of a sudden “whooo-whoooo”, kind of jumps me every time. Then you wake up because its light out…only to find you’re climbing out of your nice warm tent because A) you have to pee and B) it really feels like its time to get up, and let’s get this party started! So you unzip your tent, and you try to be all quiet, and then you go to get out of the tent, and you trip your way out through the door because its not flat. Haha! By now everyone is awake, the dogs are all squirming and ready to get out. You finally make it out of the tent the two dogs, and feel the damp dewy ground on your toes. Its morning and so you’re surrounded by dew and the sun peeking through the trees. Good thing you grabbed your sweatshirt. Walking to the privy, you walk by your Grammy and Bumpa’s to see Bumpa is awake and making some coffee in his percolator. He makes me some hot cocoa and we sit and talk about the night sounds while we wait for everyone else to wake up. It’s not long before everyone comes out of the tents and Bumpa gets his cook stove out. We crack a dozen eggs into a bowl while he cooks bacon on the camp stove. While its sizzling in the cast iron frying pan, we mix up scrambled eggs. We peel potatoes an onion. Once the bacon is done we dump some of the grease on our fire and then start cooking our potatoes and onion in the bacon grease. Once those are all good and browned we start cooking our scrambled eggs, and again in some left over bacon grease. It’s the best breakfast you’ll ever have. We all beg Bumpa to cook us a breakfast like that at home but he says its a “camping breakfast”. We enjoy it while he cooks for us camping. We sip on our coffee or cocoa, eat our breakfast at the same time we’re getting warmed by the morning sun. Now we are off to play.