Afternoon Sun

Hey everyone! So my story about camping is continued…and breakfast is cleaned up. We always throw away our forks but our paper plates get thrown on the fire. Easy cleanup here! So we’ve all been just hanging out and we are ready to go do some fishing. This is so much fun for all of us! Lets see who catches the biggest fish for dinner tonight..its always a challenge. A fish cooked on the open fire is delicious but more so when my dad cooks it in our cast iron frying pan after rolling it in the flour and frying it in lots of butter.

My sister Isabel  caught the biggest fish! What a competition, and Iz won! All of the casting and reeling and she caught the 17 inch bass. Most think that bass isn’t that good but let me tell you, its the sweetest fish and dad knows exactly how to cook it.

Dad wrapped it in tin foil and added salt and pepper. It was amazing! Mom made potato packets with salt, pepper and onion. The best meal ever. We have so much fun camping. And after dinner we need to have our canoe races. We have so much canoeing and fishing. We love exploring the lake and looking for cool places to hang out. Cliff lake actually has cliffs in the mountains but also it has ledges to play around on. We all love to go to the top and jump into Cliff Lake. It’s a blast. We keep swimming around and jumping back in. And now we go back to camp to dry off and get ready for bed. Let’s toast some marshmallows over the fire and star gaze with the family. These are the memories, the best times, camping with family and best friends.