Camping Gear

So we’re going camping and what are we packing you might ask? Well lets start with the tent. We have used lots of different tents, and most of them are about the same, I said most. You might get a tent with 2 rooms, and 2 rooms is basically the same as setting up a one room but you have this flat extra piece of tent that hangs in the middle and serves as a divider. We also have the easy up tent, probably the easiest for setting up in the dark or in a hurry. They basically just pop up. I like the ones with the extra room because its way more spacious. We also like to pack an air mattress which is important if you’re staying in the cooler state of Maine because it keeps you off the ground. Sleeping bags or beds are a must to keep you warm. Sweat shirts and sweat pants and flip flops to run to the outhouse or bathroom in the middle of the night. Here in South Carolina it stays pretty warm and we may want one of those battery operated fans. They can hang from the ceiling of your tent almost like a real ceiling fan.  Lets talk about food and cooking. You might want to cook over an open fire but you might also like a propane cook stove with a cast iron frying pan. We usually bring bacon and eggs for breakfast, but many others like quick and easy doughnuts or pop tarts or fruit. Crack all of your eggs into a bowl. We empty a clean disposable water bottle and squeeze and release over the eggs and they suck right in to the bottle. Now they can travel and no egg shells or broken eggs. Easy. Simple. Cook your bacon and save some of the grease and cook your eggs in it. It’s amazing. We bring sandwich meats and cheese to make sandwiches for lunch. We pre make our burgers and freeze them so they stay in burger shape for traveling. Cook them over an open fire on a grill…a taste you wont soon forget. We take our extra gallon jugs of water and wrap and head light around them to make a cool lantern at night. Bring rope and tie your tarp to the trees to give you shelter from the rain, it happens and when it does you’ll be ready to sit and watch the rain. The kids usually keep a couple board games in their tent for when it rains and hide out until its over. But mom and dad use this time to relax and just watch the rain. Oh make sure you keep your food up and burn or use a garbage for any garbage food. When you hear the raccoons at night, they’ll scare you. The sounds those animals make sound like a Tasmanian devil coming through. Or you might hear the fox down the river barking. Don’t worry, nothing is going to bother you, just make sure you put all of your food away and never keep it in your tent. Cleaning is always a challenge here. We bring dish pans to scoop water up from our local lake or river. We add some dish soap and use our sponge or dishcloth and wash them and dry them. We use paper plates and plastic forks so we can throw them away and so its just our frying pan and spatula and sometimes mixing bowls, pretty easy. The easiest thing to do would be to call our local cleaner  and have them come in and sweep our tent floors and maybe mop after the rain storm. It’s such a pain to clean tents and we like to keep our floors clean so we don’t get dirt all through our beds. I mean seriously, its a pain to take time out and tidy your little tent that barely has room for all of your clothes, life jackets, towels, and shoes, broom, dustpan and dogs…yes dogs too. And they are the ones that totally trash the tent. Haha. Hope this gives you an idea of what and how to pack for camping. Always check your weather before you go!