Canoe Trip and Camping on the Allagash!

So my Dad, Bumpa and my cousin are planning this big canoe trip down the Allagash River which is located in the North Maine Woods. It’s my favorite place to go but I’m afraid I’ll be sitting this one out because it’s a male bonding trip. That’s cool. They’d better get pics for me. It’s the most beautiful and peaceful place on this earth. I just know it. You can go days without seeing another soul. The black flies can get a bit fiesty but I’m sure they’ll use good ole Uncle Ben’s bug spray. So the plan I guess is to go up in May so I’m totally jumping on this. But I can’t help it, I’m so excited for them. My Bumpa is 72 years old, and my Dad is almost 41. This is their first attempt. So they need to go shopping a get a “dry bag” which is a bag that most rafting guides carry on their rafts to keep medical supplies, cell phones or cameras in so they don’t get wet. They are made of this really cool nylon material that is waterproof or sometimes they have a rubber like material. So they’ll probably need a few of these bags just to keep their sleeping bags and clothes dry. They will need to make a gigantic list of stuff for the trip. Like their fire starter, clothing, food, but will they take their coleman grill? They will need a cooler of course for all of their meats and veggies. They won’t camp without their rib-eye steak and the open fire grill. I just know it. The tent is a must have to keep the bugs off while you sleep or cover for if it rains. So what they’ll do is get all of their stuff together and get dropped off on the upper side of the river, and drop a 2nd vehicle off on their way up so they have another vehicle when they are done canoeing. ¬†They’ll all ride up to the starting point in the 1st vehicle and take all of their supplies at this time. At this time they’ll load the canoes with all of their camping gear and begin journeying down the river. When they get to point A, they will hop out and set up camp for the night. And then the next morning they will pack it up and hop back into the canoes. They will then head on down to point B, and when they get there, they’ll set up camp…and so on until they have finished the river which will take about 5 days they’re figuring. It sounds like a lot of work, but rewarding. It will be nice to get back into the wild and see some wild life and birds. Maybe enjoy some company of the gorgeous Canadian Jays and squirrels.